Sandy nose & toes! https://www.livcolorful.comSandy nose & toes! WHAT A CUTIESandy nose & toes! Digging holes at the beach!

We always have so much fun bringing Cooper to the beach! He loves the sand so much, it makes my heart very happy. Right when we find a spot to put our stuff down, he starts digging holes immediately. We always have to be aware of which way he’s aiming because he’ll cover us in sand if we’re not haha!
5 things:
1. I love the color olive green. It’s so easy to pair with neutral colors and looks great on every skin tone. My dress is from Forever 21, it’s SO affordable and comes in several fun colors, you can get it here.
2. Cooper’s face covered in sand is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen in my life, honestly.
3. Blake and I were very happy during these pics because we were about to eat pizza.
4. How adorable is this backpack from Target? Perfect for the beach, theme parks, or brunch. Check it out here.
5. Happy May!!! Blake & I moved into our first place together exactly a year ago, time definitely does fly. :’)

Hope you all had a great weekend & enjoyed this post!


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