Our first hike in a nutshell: views were great, pain was terrible.

Chautauqua trail is SO gorgeous in both winter and summer. If you visit here to hike in the winter / spring time, you MUST use spikes or my favorite, Yaktrax. There is so much ice and mud that you can’t possibly make it to the top without them, or if you try you might slip and get seriously hurt.

So during this hike, you’ll notice we enjoyed the view from the bottom. Why you ask? Because about 15 minutes in, my Yaktrax got stuck together somehow (imagine someone tying your shoe laces together), while I was walking on a bunch of large rocks. When this happened, I literally face planted on the ground. Like full on just fell forward onto a bunch of rocks. Just my luck LOL. My knee landed right on top of a pointed rock and busted open. I was bleeding, almost passed out, and ripped my leggings. I ended up limping back down to the bottom and not being able to walk for about 3 days. It left a dark scar where the hole was but it weirdly reminds me of how beautiful the views were🙌🏼

Please be extra careful when walking on rocks, they’re no joke 😂

xox, Liv


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  1. June 3, 2019 / 9:37 am

    Woww Looking Awesome… I am visitng Colorado next month will also try to Hike and taste some tasty wine there :p

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