Sweetheart Braid Hair Tutorial

I wanted to do something extra special for Valentine’s Day so I came up with this sweet little braid! I love how it turned out so much and really think that the flowers add such a nice touch.

  1. The little braid: start at the top of your head and dutch braid a long piece while only using a small section of hair. Braid it all the way to the bottom and then tie it off with an elastic because you’ll be adding it into your bigger braid in the end.
  2. The bigger braid: start on the crown of your head and dutch braid all the way down the side of your head. Then transition your braid into the bottom back side of your head (the turn and switching of your hands is the hardest part).
  3. Now, finish your braid on the opposite side and include your little braid into 1 of your 3 strands, then secure with a clear elastic.
  4. Bobby pin your little braid directly above your bigger braid so it stays in place.
  5. Once you’re all done securing your 2 braids, go back through and pull your braids apart. This really makes a difference, they become more full and look absolutely AMAZING. Spraying with hairspray/texture spray also helps them stay in place. I loveee using Drybar’s hairspray & texture spray, they smell so great!
  6. Last but not least, flowers!!! I added these tiny white roses I got from Michaels and they really made the braid so special!

Hope you loved this tutorial and have the sweetest Valentine’s day!


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  1. February 13, 2018 / 11:47 pm

    How lovely and pretty is that? Thanks for the info

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