This past week I was invited to experience all the beautiful things that Cañon City has to offer! We toured some local shops, had yummy food, went on an epic Jeep tour, and met some really great people. We were invited to spread word of Hulu’s Small Business Revolution contest that they’re in. The winner gets $500,000 towards renovations for their local businesses and gets to be in their Hulu series! So cool!!

My favorite part of the trip was the jeep tour. If you’re ever in Cañon City I highly recommend doing it, they take you everywhere!! One of my favorite stops was at the Royal Gorge Bridge – and the high winds made it even more exciting. The best time to visit is in the summer when the wind chill isn’t as bad, but I heard it can get pretty crowded so definitely plan ahead. They have concerts, zip lining, camping, a gondola, and restaurant at the top with a great selection of food. Let me know if you have ever been or are planning a trip in the future, I loved it!!


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