Hope everyones week is going great! Mine has gone by super fast, we’re still working on getting the place all together so that’s really exciting πŸ™‚ Then I’ll do some posts and videos of our apartment and how we decorated / organized it! YAY 💗 I feel like all of us have been really inspired lately to be super organized, or maybe its just that Netflix show with Marie Kondo lol. I actually find cleaning and organizing soooo fun, definitely get it from my Grandma (Hi GMA!), so our apartment is really looking great!! During our move we downsized from a 3-bedroom house into a 2-bedroom apartment, so it feels pretty great only having the necessities😊

When I’m super busy or in a hurry my quick & easy winter outfit is all grey (or dark colors), they are SO easy to throw together and any combo can look great! Here I am wearing a grey oversized H&M turtleneck sweater (that I originally bought as a dress but it was way to short haha). Then I have my TopShop beanie, which is one of the coziest beanies I own, my everyday Abercrombie jeans, and my go-to snow boots from Sorel – the only reason I’m surviving Colorado winter haha. And lastly, the coat I wear literally everyday is from Canada Goose. You can shop this outfit above by clicking on the linked images 🤪

Hope you all enjoyed this post – heres my latest YouTube video from our first snow day here in CO💕



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