Surprise!!! I have BANGS.

Not going to lie, it took several months to talk myself into getting bangs, but I’m so glad I did. Now I always wonder why I never got them sooner because THEY’RE SO FUN!!

In case you’re debating getting them, they are a lot of work. I wake up with them literally standing up on my head (its hilarious) and have to blow dry them every morning so they go the direction I want lol. But since it’s been about a month since I got them cut, I feel like I’m officially a pro.

Below you’ll see some of my favorite go-to hairstyles with bangs, which are all super quick and easy!

Hair Accessories

One of my favorite ways to dress up bangs is with a cute hair accessory like this top knot headband from Urban Outfitters! It comes in several colors / patterns and is such great quality. (I want them all)
Another idea would be to use a braided headband (or braid a pair of extensions) and create a braid crown that would sit in the same spot as your headband would.

Top Knot

Top knot’s are so easy and fun! This hairstyle is great because it’s quick if you’re in a hurry but can also be worn dressed up. I even like adding a headband or cute accessory to really pull it all together.

Dutch Braid

The holy grail of braids!! Of course I had to throw in my all time favorite braid, the dutch braid! A little tip for making your braids thicker are to pull apart the pieces after you’re done braiding, it makes a huge difference.

Shout out to Cooper for making an appearance in my photo, he was a little camera shy that day haha

I really hope you guys loved these hair styling tips, comment below if you’ve ever thought about getting bangs! 😊


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