Today I woke up 24.

So I decided to share 24 things that currently make me happy. 🙂

  1. Living in Colorado
  2. Going hiking every weekend
  3. Blake making me coffee in the mornings
  4. The amazing Colorado weather
  5. LAMAR’S!! Best donuts I’ve ever had!
  6. Trying different breweries
  7. The friendships I’ve made since moving to CO
  8. Our apartment decor
  9. The fruits / veggies were growing on our balcony
  10. Cooper becoming more snuggly
  11. Working from home
  12. Cooking with Blake
  13. The Flatirons salad from Modern Market (it’s amazing omg)
  14. How genuinely nice everyone is in CO!
  15. Starbucks iced caramel cloud macchiatos
  16. A nice and juicy filet mignon
  17. Caribou’s strawberry banana smoothie
  18. Learning to snowboard!!
  19. How loving and supportive all of our family is <3
  20. YouTube
  21. Adventuring to new places
  22. Talking to family everyday
  23. Soft comfy pants!!
  24. THAT I’M 24!! And very grateful for another year on this beautiful planet. 

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